How to betting CS:GO

Counter Strike is one of the most popular eSports disciplines, which is growing in popularity every day. Along with the popularity of the game itself, the demand for betting on CS:GO is also growing. Every year, about a hundred tournaments of different levels are held in the world. Successful performance in such competitions allows even inexperienced teams to get a ticket to a higher-level competition with a draw of several hundred thousand dollars. To participate in some competitions, eSports players need a direct invitation from the organizers. If they win, they get a large number of rating points and several million dollars in prize money.

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Types of CS bids: GO

Experienced players prefer the following beting on CS: GO:

  • standard on P1 or P2;
  • for totals of rounds or cards;
  • on the individual total of participants;
  • on handicaps.

Bettors are most interested in betting on the total number of cards or the outcome of an event. When choosing the latter option, it is enough to analyze the pre-match layouts and focus on one of the participating teams. A simpler option is to determine total cart, if the bettor has studied the composition of the teams and knows what form each of them is in. When eSports players are close enough in their level, there is rarely a dry score.

Counter Strike is a rapidly developing game, so bettors can determine not only the results of the meetings themselves and the winners of the tournaments, but also bet on CS GO skins. Many players spend a lot of money on skins. In the network, there are offices where you can determine the outcome of certain events with your skins.

Main advantages and disadvantages

Before betting on CS GO, the bettor should study the main pros and cons of such forecasts. Among the positive aspects:

  • stability of the top teams, which allows you to track trends for CS GO bets that are formed over the years (pre-match forecasts, long-term bets);
  • availability of online broadcasts, which are much easier to organize than the broadcast of sports events (the bettor can follow different games and tournaments, as well as quickly put in live mode);
  • frequent errors on the part of the bookmaker (some betting companies set too low or too high odds, which allows professionals to quickly find errors in the line and take the necessary measures).

The main disadvantages of betting on CS:GO is considered to be the following:

  • a small number of events — even though the rapid development of eSports around the world, it is still inferior to hockey, football and many other sports disciplines;
  • a small list of bookmakers that accept bets — only ONE ggbet bookmaker is connected to the TSUPIS system. Other gambling sites only offer e-sports. This becomes a serious problem for players who do not want to register an account just for the sake of betting on CS:GO.

Choosing strategies

In order to consistently stay in the black, the bettor must take into account a large number of factors when making a bet. This is the game form of participating teams, and even the presence of conflicts among eSports players. Only those BC visitors who are completely immersed in the virtual world of Counter Strike can get winnings at the distance. Special attention should be paid to live bets. In live mode, you can understand what will happen to a particular team after selecting a map. It is worth paying attention to the fact that it is determined a couple of minutes before the meeting begins. And the outcome of the competition will largely depend on it.

Another important point is the effect of surprise. Often obvious outsiders already present unexpected surprises at the beginning. At the same time, the big teams gather with each new round and calmly snatch the victory from the hands of the opponent. Experienced bettors often wait for the right moment to place a bet on CS:GO in time, choosing the favorite.